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Leaving details

It makes sense to leave details of your planned route with someone who can pass the information on should you not return as expected. It is a lot quicker for a rescue to team to search a known route than an entire range of hills. Even if you have strayed off route rescuers can often take an educated guess as to where you might have gone, based on a combination of your planned route, where you were last known to be, the time of day and the composition of your party.

In the past it was common for hill walkers to leave a note in their car windscreen with brief details of the planned route. However with rising thefts from parked cars many have decided that they would rather not give information on how long they expected to be away.

An alternative, if you are staying in a hotel, B&B or campsite, is to leave the details with the owner. Most are very happy to have this information and can pass it on - even raise the alarm - if you don't return in the evening.

Another option is to phone or text a friend with an outline of your plans. You can also ask them to raise the alarm if you don't call them back at a pre-arranged time to confirm that you have successfully completed your walk.

Clearly if you make such arrangements it's important to remember to make that call! It's easy to get waylaid in the pub at the end of your hard day out and then to your horror find that there's a rescue team preparing to go out and look for you.

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