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Incidents 2018

(Note: incidents given with a number in brackets are officially reportable, while the others relate to standbys, event cover and incidents outside the team area at which team members were present)

(41) 24th December, 3.5 hrs
The team assisted Kendal MRT with the recovery on a stretcher of a man with a lower leg injury near the top of the waterfall at Cautley Spout. 10 KSMRT members responded.

(40) 14th December, 2 hrs
The team, along with members of Kendal MRT, responded to a female runner reported unwell and briefly unconscious on Wild Boar Fell. Air Ambulance was deployed, arrived as the teams were approaching and carried patient to land ambulance for transfer to hospital. 9 KSMRT members deployed.

(39) 20th November, 1.5 hrs
NWAS asked the team for help with a patient involved in an incident on the M6 near Tebay. Team team members responded. Those on scene helped transport patient to air ambulance.

(38) 16th October, 2 hours
The team was asked to assist Penrith MRT with the recovery of a casualty near Lazonby.

(37) 15th August, 2.5 hours
The team helped to recover the body of a man from near the river at Appleby. 15 members responded.

(36) 1st August, 2 hours
A woman who had slipped over a stile at Smardale Viaduct and injured her ankle was assessed and transported back to the road to meet an ambulance. 15 members responded.

(35) 26th July, 2 hours
A 71 year old female collapsed near Smardale Viaduct. The team with a Community First Responder, treated her on site and evacuated her to an ambulance at Smardale Hall. 15 members were involved.

(34) 20th July, 6 hours
7 team members assisted Penrtih MRT in the overnight search of wooded and field areas around Warwick Bridge near Carlisle for a missing person.

(33) 13th July, 6 ours
8 members of the team assisted Penrith MRT with the stretcher evacuation of a male walker with a leg injury from Nan Bield Pass near Haweswater.

(32) 25th June, 4hrs 30mins
14 team members responded to a walker stuck on a steep grassy slope at High Cup Nick. Team members rigged a rope system to descend to her and take her down to the valley bottom From there she was walked out to a team Land Rover.

(31) 24th June, 1 hour
While providing first aid cover for the Appleby Fun Run team members, along with a Community First Responder, attended to a runner with heat exhaustion. He was kept cool and dispatched to Penrith Hospital for a check-up.

(30) 23rd June, 2hrs 45mins
A walker unsure of their location was guided off the hill using information derived from the location of their mobile phone and met by the team and walked off. 11 members involved.

(29) 14th May, 3 hours
The team, assisted by Penrith MRT, attended a paraglider who had landed badly on Murton Pike. The man in his sixties was taken to hospital from the scene by air ambulance. 5 KSMRT team members attended.

(28) 6th May, 4 hours
The team attended a young woman who had damaged her hip by the river at Stenkrith, Kirkby Stephen. No ambulance was available so she was taken to Lancaster hospital in a Land Rover. 13 team members attended.

(27) 2nd May, 4 hours
Three team members went to help Keswick MRT search for a missing fell runner near Scafell Pike. Having reached their search area the runner was found by another search party and they were stood down.

(26) 15th April, 3 hrs 15 mins
13 team members responded to evacuate a female walker from Nan Hill near Tebay who had slipped and suffered a head injury. The casualty was stretchered to a Land Rover and driven down to meet a land ambulance.

(25) 8th April, 3 hours
A 74 year old female walker with an ankle injury was recovered to a road ambulance from St Anne's Highway. 12 team members responded.

(18-24) 17th - 18th March
The team dealt with a series of incidents involving people trapped by snow in cars. These included recovering 15 people from Stainmore Cafe who were stranded after a collision on the A66.

(7-17) 28th Feb - 3rd March
The team dealt with a series of incidents during the 'Beast from the East' bad weather event. The base was permanently manned for two days and nights. Most incidents involved motorists trapped in snow while trying to bypass the closed A66 over minor trans-Pennine routes. The team also took a district nurse on patient visits.

(5&6) 24th February, 3 hours
While supporting the High Cup Nick fell race the team evacuated two separate casualties. One was taken to Penrith Hospital for examination and the other to Dufton.

(4) 21st February, 3 hours
5 members of the team assisted Kendal MRT with a female walker who had injured her ankle near Milnthorpe, Sedbergh.

(3) 21st January, 3.5 hours
The team assisted with a motorist whose vehicle was stuck in snow at Tailbridge. The vehicle was made safe and the motorist brought to Kirkby Stephen to spend the night.7 team members attended.

(2) 16th January, 6 hours
The team was asked to assist Wasdale MRT in the search for a missing walker on Scafell. 8 team members responded. The missing person was found, safe and well, after spending two nights on the mountain.

(1) 14th January, 4hrs
The team, assisted by Kendal MRT, recovered a woman with an ankle injury near the top of Cautley Spout. She was handed over to an ambulance at the Cross Keys. 10 KSMRT members took part, along with 9 from Kendal MRT.

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