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Incidents 2017

(Note: incidents given with a number in brackets are officially reportable, while the others relate to standbys, event cover and incidents outside the team area at which team members were present)

(23) 31st December, 7 hrs
Members of the team joined Penrith MRT in searching for missing person in an area near Penrith.

(22) 23rd December, 5hrs
The team, assisted by Penrith MRT, searched an area near Tebay after a member of public reported hearing shouts of distress. A wide area was covered as darkness fell but as no-one was found teams were stood down.

(21) 11th December, 9 hrs
The team was called at 15.40 to assist Penrith MRT after a climber had fallen whilst ice climbing on Blea Water Crag suffering multiple injuries.  There was a technical and difficult extraction from the casualty site, and as a helicopter winch was not possible from the area, the stretcher was then carried approximately 3km over snow and ice covered scree and steep grassy slopes to a suitable area from where a Coastguard Helicopter was able to take the casualty to hospital. Three MR Teams were involved (Penrith, Patterdale and KSMRT) with 40 members on the fell (9 from KSMRT).

(20) 7th November, 4.5 hrs
In a technically complex operation the team rescued a cragfast sheep near Dufton Pike. 15 team members were involved. The sheep was caught and lowered in slings to safe ground.

(19) 4th November, 2 hrs
The team rescued a golden retriever on Great Asby Fell that had fallen down a shakehole. A team member was lowered into the hole and George, the dog, was hauled out successfully.

(18) 16th October, 8 hrs
Eight team members went to assist a search by Wasdale MRT for a missing 28 year old man. The team searched an area just below Scafell Pike. The missing man was found, sadly deceased, in another search area on the mountain.

(17) 12th September, 2 hs
The team was asked by NWAS to assist at an incident near Cotegill Bridge in Mallerstang where a car had fallen down a bank, trapping a passenger. The team arrived on scene where the Fire Brigade were already engaged in freeing the casualty, so we were stood down.

(16) 26th August, 1 hour
Members of the team providing cover at Dufton Show treated a teenager who had fallen from her horse. After assessment she was able to go home.

(15) 19th August, 5 hours
11 KSMRT team members responded to a man in his 60s who had fallen and damaged his knee at High Cup Nick. The casualty was unable to walk and had to be recovered by stretcher to an ambulance at Dufton. 10 members of Penrith MRT assisted.

(13/14) 16th August, 5 hours
Penrith MRT asked the team to assist with a casualty near Haweswater. 5 members of the team attended. The casualty was airlifted so the KSMRT team members, plus one other, were tasked to a second Penrith MRT callout to recover the body of a male near Hartside cafe.

(12) 17th July, 1 hour 45 mins
A 60 year old woman slipped descending towards Smardale Bridge injuring her left shoulder. Despite trying to walk out was unable to continue because of the pain. 13 members responded. The lady was given pain relief for a suspected fractured shoulder, strapped up and was then able to slowly walk to the team Land Rover which took her to a road ambulance at Newbiggin on Lune.

(10/11) 5th June, 3 hours
While covering the annual Kirkby Stephen Yomp the team dealt with two incidents. A young female competitor suffered an ankle injury on the fell near Aisgill Cottages and was extracted to the road to meet an ambulance. Another young female competitor slipped and cut her knee descending from Nine Standards. She was treated and taken to KSMRT base. Around a dozen team members were supporting the race.

(9) 2nd June, 2.5 hours
The team was asked to help search for a young woman missing near Little Musgrave. She was found shortly after the team's arrival and transferred to an ambulance.

(8) 16th April, 5 hours
The team was called to the aid of a young female cadet who had fallen ill on an exercise near High Cup Nick. Because of the location the team called for assistance from Teesdale MRT. Both teams attended the casualty who was extracted to Cow Green Reservoir to be met by an ambulance. 11 KSMRT members were involved and a similar number from Teesdale MRT.

(7) 12th April, 1 hour
The team was called to assist a 65 year old male who had tripped and injured his head near High Cup Nick. Having established contact with the casualty it was found that he was walking himself out. His progress was monitored at regular intervals and an ambulance arranged at the road to check him out.

(6) 26th March, 4 hours
8 members of the team responded after some walkers heard what they thought were calls for help in the Howgills. The callout came to KSMRT but was transferred to Kendal MRT as it was actually in their patch. Both teams searched the area but found no casualties. The calls heard may have been shepherds working on the hillside. The initial call to the police was made with good intent.

(5) 5th March, 6 hours
10 members of the team assisted Penrith with the overnight search for a missing person in the Castle Carrock area. The missing person turned up at home early in the morning.

(4) 21st February, 5 hours
Eight members of the team assisted Keswick MRT with the search for a couple lost overnight while walking on Scafell Pike. The team was deployed to the summit of Scafell Pike in an SAR helicopter but it was unable to land due to turbulent conditions. The couple were found safe and well on another part of the mountain. 

(3) 12th February, 4 hours
The team were called to the aid of a couple whose vehicle was stuck in a snow drift on Tailbridge. The couple were taken to an inn for an overnight stay and the following day the team returned to dig out their vehicle.

(2) 4th February, 4 hours
While supporting the Schools Inter-County Cross Country event at Kirkby Stephen Grammar School, team members dealt with four minor injuries, including one participant with mild hypothermia. All were treated on site and were able to go home without further medical treatment. Five team members took part.

(1) 8th January, 5 hours
Swaledale MRT asked the team to assist in the search for man missing after leaving Tan Hill Inn in the early hours of the morning. 7 members of the team with two Land Rovers responded. The missing person was located.

1st January, 4 hours
As is the tradition the team attended the New Year Nine Standards Fell Race. Over 15 members were on the fell, in Land Rovers, running, or walking to the summit with their families. The weather was fine and thankfully there were no incidents.

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