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Incidents 2016

(Note: incidents given with a number in brackets are officially reportable, while the others relate to standbys, event cover and incidents outside the team area at which team members were present)

16th October, 7 hours
Four members of the team provided first aid cover at a Young Farmers sports day in Kirkby Stephen and treated four minor injuries, including a sprained ankle.

(21) 16th October, 4 hours
In the early hours the team was called to assist Patterdale MRT with the evacuation of a man who had fallen on Dove Crag, sustaining fatal injuries. The evacuation went more smoothly than expected and five KSMRT team members arrived on scene at around 2.30am as the incident was nearing completion.

(20) 9th October, 6 hours
While members of the team were collecting at Tebay Services on the M6 they were called to a teenager with an injured ankle in Bowderdale. The casualty was assessed, treated and, being unable to walk, was carried on a stretcher to a Land Rover below Cautley Spout. At the road she was transferred to an ambulance and taken to hospital.

(19) 26th - 27th September, 22 hours
A prolongued search took place overnight for a man in his 40s who had become lost after acting as a beater for a grouse shoot on Helbeck Fell. The search involved teams from the Lake District and the north of England, as well as 10 search dogs and handlers, a Search and Rescue helicopter and a regiment at the Army camp at Warcop. Weather conditions and the terrain were challenging and visibility very poor. Some 25 square kms of ground were searched. The missing person was eventually found when the weather improved at around 2pm on the 27th and he emerged from sheltering under rocks.
(18) 25th September, 5 hours

Called at 1850 to assist Patterdale with a 23 year old man who had suffered an ankle injury on Striding Edge, Helvellyn. 10 Team members responded and assisted with a long carry out from Red Tarn to a Landrover which was then able to take the young man to Patterdale’s base. Penrith MRT also assisted.

(17) 24th September, 4 hours
Called at 1430 to assist Penrith with a 62  year old female who had fallen and sustained an upper arm injury at Nan Bield Pass above Hawsewater. 7 Team members carried rope and a stretcher to the casualty site for what could have been a very long and difficult carry back to the road.  Due to the nature of the terrain, and the level of pain that the lady was suffering, the Penrith Team Leader on site decided to request a Search and Rescue helicopter, which was able to land near the top of the pass and take her to hospital.

(16) 8th September, 4 hours
The team was called at 14.00 to assist Penrith MRT with a male with a lower leg injury on Kidsty Pike. Working with members of Penrith MRT, ten members of the team escorted other members of the man's party off the fell whilst the injured man was airlifted to hospital by a Search & Rescue helicopter.

(15) 2nd September. 1.5 hours
The team was called at 14.15 by NWAS to assist a male with a lower leg injury on Mell Fell. 9 members responded. After a quick search and after seeking further information regarding his location, it was established that he was in fact on Great Mell Fell near Matterdale. The call was passed to Patterdale MRT who, with assistance from Penrith MRT, were able to locate the man and convey him off the fell to a waiting ambulance.

(14) 20th August, 1.5 hrs
The team was supporting Ravenstonedale Show and the fell race from the show ground when a race participant was reported missing. Members of the team searched the fells for over an hour in appalling weather. The runner turned up cold and wet near Cautley having taken a wrong turning on the race route.

(13) 18th August, 1.5 hrs
While covering Brough Show today several members of the team helped out at a road traffic collision on the main road at the entrance. The motorcyclist was treated at the roadside for leg and arm injuries and then taken by air ambulance to hospital.

(12) 7th August, 1 hr
Eleven members of the team responded to a request from Penrith MRT to assist with a casualty at Mardale Head. The team was turned back en route as help was no longer required.

(11) 31st July, 3 hrs
A man in his fifties was found at Uldale watefalls having fallen on rocks the day before. Unable to move he had spent the night at the falls and was found at lunchtime on the 31st. The team stretchered him to an air ambulance on foot and then by Land Rover. 15 team members attended.

(10) 22nd June, 8 hrs
The team was asked to assist Penrith MRT search for male seen in the river at Carlisle. Two Swift Water Technicians from the team joined a Penrith team and searched the river upstream from the Sands to Grinsdale. Nothing found.

(9) 8th June, 6 hrs
Eleven members of the team assisted Patterdale MRT with the recovery of the body of a male found at Angle Tarn.

(8) 5th June, 20 mins
While the team was providing cover for the annual Yomp a runner from the Yomp was treated at base by two team members for an ankle injury.  The ankle was strapped, and the male runner (of unknown age) offered to take himself to hospital as he was in some discomfort.

(7) 5th June, 3 hrs
The team was called by the police to assist a 39 year old female with a suspected dislocated knee. She was taken to the team Land Rover, and transported initially to an RV point to meet an NWAS Ambulance.  Due to a delay in one being available, the team took her to Penrith Hospital where she was transferred to an Ambulance which took her to the CIC. 13 members were involved.

(6) 22nd May, 1.5 hrs
4 members of the team on a training day at Wasdale MRT helped with a casualty who had fallen down on a path above Wasdale Head. After assessment he was able to walk down and was taken by ambulance to hospital for a checkup.

(5) 11th May, 2 hours
12 members of the team responded to a request for assistance from NWAS. A walker in her sixties had injured her lower leg on a riverside path just south of Appleby. She was taken in a team Land Rover to a farm where she was transfered to an ambulance.

(4) 25th March, 2 hrs
The team was asked to assist Kendal MRT with the evacuation of a male with a lower leg injury at Carlin Gill. The man was stretchered off the hill to be collected by ambulance at the road.

(3) 4th March, 1hr 45 mins
Whilst on our Friday night exercise, the team were called to assist Swaledale MRT with vehicles stuck in snow around the Tan Hill area. A number of people were helped from their vehicles and taken to safety.

(2) 14th February, 3 hours
Kendal MRT asked the team to assist with a walker with a fractured lower leg on a bridleway near Sedbergh. The team took over the callout as Kendal MRT were called to another incident. The casualty was given pain relief and his leg was splinted before being taken by Land Rover to the ambulance. 8 team members were involved.

(1) 16th January, 2 hours 
After a male walker suffered a cardiac arrest near Calders Kendal MRT asked for assistance. 6 team members responded and were to walk in via The Calf after driving in from Sedburgh. The air ambulance landed on scene and after assessing the casualty called an end to resuscitation and transported the casualty to hospital direct.The team was stood down.

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