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Incidents 2015

(Note: incidents given with a number in brackets are officially reportable, while the others relate to standbys, event cover and incidents outside the team area at which team members were present)

(38) 8th December, 9 hours
Major flood incident in Cumbria. The team provided a member at Incident Control for 9 hours.

(37) 7th December, 8 hours
Major flood incident in Cumbria. From 8am the team provided two members at Incident Control for 8hrs along with two Land Rovers and drivers for 5hrs, helping with relief for residents affected by the floods.

(36) 6th December, 10 hours
Major flood incident in Cumbria. Starting at 10am 5 Swift Water Technicians supported by two drivers were involved in the evacuation of residents. Two team members provided support for the whole day at Police Incident Control.

(35) 5th December, 4 hours
Major flood incident in Cumbria. From 21.30 five Swift Water Technicians supported by two other team members were involved in the support and evacuation of residents affected by flooding.

(34) 21st November, 1 hour
An ambulance crew asked for assistance transporting a patient from a property near Kirkby Stephen as the road was steep and icy. The patient was brought down in a team Land Rover. 5 team members attended.

(33) 14th November, 8 hours
As part of the regional response to a severe weather event and potential flooding, two KSMRT Team Leaders were deployed to ‘Gold’ command at Police Headquarters to represent Mountain Rescue and help co-ordinate the rescue service’s response. The region's Major Incident Plan was put in motion, with Swiftwater Rescue Teams either deployed or on standby across the county. In all, 70 Swiftwater Technicians were either in action or ready to respond, with a similar number of non-water Mountain Rescue members on standby to assist.

(32) 24th October, 2.5 hours
Whilst carrying out the callout below, Patterdale received a second callout to a female with a suspected broken ankle on Dove Crag. Kirkby Stephen team members were re-tasked to go to her assistance with members of Langdale, Patterdale and Penrith teams.

(31) 24th October, 5 hours
5 members responded to assist Patterdale/Langdale Ambleside MRTs recover a deceased walker from Swirral edge. On the way up, a Patterdale member injured their leg and Kirkby members were tasked to take a stretcher to his location. He was then carried to an air ambulance.

(30) 14th October, 4 hours
The team was asked by Penrith MRT (who were short of numbers) to rescue a sheep from a quarry ledge near Shap. 8 'crag team' members successfully brought the sheep up from the ledge.

(29) 11th October, 1 hour
6 team members responded to a call to assist a PatterdaleMRT  search. The team were stood down on route.

(28) 3rd October, 4.5 hours
A couple reported themselves lost in mist above Cautley Spout having summited the Calf. They were located using a message to their smartphone which gave a GPS position, almost 3 km north of their intended position. They were told to wait where they were to ensure we had a known location and the team went to them, escorting them back to the Cross Keys. 10 members took part.

(27) 17th-19th September
26 members assisted Penrith MRT in the search for a woman lost near Crosby Ravensworth. The woman in her seventies had Alzheimers and had gone missing on the evening of the 17th while walking her dog. The callout involved 26 KSMRT members over the three days, about 195 'person hours' in all. The search involved several other local teams and search dogs. The woman's body was eventually found, while the dog was nearby alive and well.
(26) 7th September, 12 hours
The team assisted Duddon and Furness MRT in a search for a missing male in his late sixties. Six KSMRT members searched a long ridge near where the man had been staying. After the search was called off for the day the man was found by a local farmer on a nearby crag.

(25) 6th September, 3 hours
A young man walking the Coast to Coast path with his partner got stuck in a bog near the summit of Nine Standards. The team attended and managed to dig him out, after which he was assessed by medics from the air ambulance. He was flown to a team Land Rover and brought back to KSMRT base. He and his partner were able to continue their Coast to Coast walk the following day.

(24) 27th August, 4 hours
The team performed a complicated rope rescue to extract a dog that had fallen into the ravine at Cautley Spout. Unfortunately the dog had not survived the fall.

(23) 12th August, 1.5 hours
NWAS asked for assistance with a woman with breathing difficulties by Smardale Bridge. The woman was treated on the scene by paramedics from GNAA air ambulance and was taken back to her accommodation in a team Land Rover.

(22) 10th August, 2 hours
The team was called by NWAS to assist with a 72 year old female who was feeling faint on a footpath between Smardale and Ravenstonedale. The patient was taken by stretcher to an ambulance,

(21) 4th August
A 12 year old child from a party on Green Bell was missing and the team was called to conduct a search. The child was found before the team set out.

(20) 30th July, 3 hours
16 team members responded to a request by NWAS at 16.45 to assist with a 60 year old woman who had fallen from the path by the viaduct at Smardale Gill. The team treated the casualty before the arrival of two GNAA air ambulances and a Royal Navy Sea King. Despite the best efforts of the GNAA paramedics and doctor the woman did not survive the fall and the team, with the help of the Sea King, conveyed her to the road head.

(19) 26th July, 1 hour
The team was asked by NWAS to help with a man who collapsed in a field near Tebay. 6 members responded. However the patient had been transfered to an ambulance before they arrived on scene.

(18) 19th July, 3 hours
The team was asked to assist police after a man in his mid 20’s was reported missing from a hotel near Tebay having gone for a walk the previous day. With very little information the search had the potential to be prolonged and it was decided from the start to request the assistance of Penrith and Kendal Teams, plus the Lakes Search and Rescue Dogs. Search teams were deployed around the Bretherdale, Greenholme and Birkbeck Fells Common areas, and the man was found after around 3 hours, cold but otherwise well. The search involved 15 KSMRT members, and around 10 from Kendal MRT and 10 from Penrith MRT, along with 8 Lake District search dogs and handlers.

(17) 13th July, 3 hours
The team was asked to assist Penrith and Patterdale MRTs with a DofE group lost on High Street. 6 team members reported to Patterdale MRT base. In the meantime the group were found and walked off by Penrith and Patterdale team members.

(16) 11th May, 2.5 hours
5 members responded to a call requesting assistance for two young women whose car had been swept from a flooded ford at Leases between Crosby Garrett and Kirkby Stephen. They had escaped unhurt from the car to the safety of the bank. The car was too precipitously lodged in fast flowing water for any safe attempt at recovery to be made until the flood subsided. The two occupants were taken to the MR base for refreshments and drying out.

(15) 23rd April, 2 hours
The team was called to assist NWAS with a young man who had injured himself moving farm equipment. The air ambulance located the casualty and KSMRT members helped loading him on the helicopter. He was taken to Carlisle Hospital. 10 members were involved.

(14) 14th April, 2 hours
A group of DofE students was reported missing on the Cumbria/Yorkshire border. 22 team members were deployed to search for them along with members of the Cave Rescue Organisation. The group's supervisors were able to contact them by mobile phone while our team was en route. They were camped safely and so we stood down.

(13) 10th April, 4 hours
The team was asked to help a family group of 6 who had become disoriented and very tired on the Pennine Way near High Cup Nick. The group were located and helped off the hill to Dufton. 20 team members took part.

(12) 22nd March, 2 hours
Eight members responded to a call for assistance from NWAS. A lady walking with her family by the River Eden in Mallerstang near Pendragon Castle had fallen down a steep bank to the water's edge and injured her ankle. The team evacuated her by stretcher and haul rope some 100m up a very steep bank before transfer to the waiting ambulance.

(11) 7th March, 5 hours
At 20.30 8 team members responded to a call to assist Patterdale MRT search for 4 missing walkers last seen at 15.00.  2 KSMRT fell parties were tasked with searching routes in the Fairfield and Dove Crag areas in high winds and poor visibility. The missing walkers were found by a dog handler, cold but unharmed, making their way down the fell at 23.00.

(10) 1st March, 1hr 45mins
Whilst completing the prrevious callout, Kendal MRT requested assistance as they were responding to two call outs themselves. A number of RTCs had occurred in very poor conditions due to snow on the A685 and A684. KSMRT were tasked to assist an elderly couple near Grayrigg as emergency vehicles could not get through. By the time the Team arrived on scene the couple had been reached and released by a snow plough and gritter. 9 team members were involved.

(9) 1st March, 1hr 15 mins
The team was called to assist a number of cyclists caught in snow on Tailbridge Hill. The group were attempting a long route starting and finishing at Grassington. 9 team members responded. The group were brought down to Nateby by Land Rover.

(8) 22nd February, 2 hrs 30mins
The team was called to assist two cars stuck in snow on Tailbridge Hill. 12 team members responded. The cars were pulled clear of a drift and after clearing the road with shovels and grit they were able to be escorted to lower ground.

(7) 17th February, 9 hours
8 team members assisted Patterdale MRT in an overnight search for a missing walker.

(6) 14th February, 4hrs 30 mins
The team was called to a female walker with a head injury who had fallen into a stream bed at the top of Cautley Spout waterfall. The casualty was carried out in a stretcher with rope protection down the steep slopes beside the waterfall and driven in a Land Rover to The Cross Keys inn, where she was transferred to an ambulance. 13 KSMRT team members were involved along with several from Kendal MRT.

(5) 7th February, 3 hours
The team assisted Penrith MRT in the search for a missing man in the Beacon Hill area. 12 team members took part.

(4) 1st February, 4 hours
The team assisted Penrith MRT in the search for a missing man in the Little Salkeld area. 7 team members took part.

(3) 24th January, 3hrs 45mins
Whilst members of the team were carrying out winter skills training in the Red Tarn area on Helvellyn, Patterdale MRT contacted them after they were alerted to a fallen climber on Brown Cove Crags. The 8 team members were tasked to ascend Swirral Edge and assess access from the top of the gulley were the climber was and set up a rope descent, whilst Keswick MRT responded to the bottom. The male climber, who had an open fracture to his lower leg, was stabilised and winched off by RAF Sea King.

22nd January
A team member treated a fallen climber whilst climbing himself on Brown Cove Crags. First on scene, he was able to stabilise the casualty before Keswick MRT arrived and he was airlifted out by a Sea King from Gannet.
(2) 14th January, 1 hour
The team was called by police to assist a motorist stranded in a snow drift off Tan Hill road above Barras. The Tan Hill landlord had gone to their assistance. A snow plough managed to recover the vehicle as the  four team members were responding.
(1) 12th January, 8 hours 
The team was called to assist Patterdale MRT search for a male missing on Helvellyn. This was a major search after the man had been missing for 3 days. 15 KSMRT team members searched an area in and above Brown Cove. A man's body was discovered at about 10.45 and the team assisted in recovery. 
1st January
Whilst providing 1st aid cover for the Nine Standards fell race a runner was assisted off the fell after they retired from the race.

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