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Incidents 2014

(Note: incidents given with a number in brackets are officially reportable, while the others relate to standbys, event cover and incidents outside the team area at which team members were present)

(29) 30th December, 2hrs
Team was called to assist Penrith for a female with suspected broken ankle above Haweswater.

(28) 28th November, 2 hrs
Penrith MRT asked the team to assist with the evacuation of a young woman with an ankle injury on the fells near Knock. Seven team members responded.

(27) 1st November, 2hrs
The team was asked to assist Kendal MRT with a walker in her 50s who had broken her ankle on Great Dummacks, near Cautley. By the time the team arrived she had made her own way down but was in considerable pain and needed carrying on a stretcher across the bridge at the Cross Keys Inn.

(26) 29th October, 1 hr
The team was called to find a missing 78 year old walker last seen descending from High Cup Nick, after becoming separated from a party walking the Pennine Way. 15 team members were deployed to search for her. She was quickly found by a team member who was checking the roads at the bottom of the fell.

(25) 28th October, 4 hrs
Patterdale MRT asked for assistance with a group of 11 teenagers wild camping on the fells near Howtown, some of them suffering from extreme cold. 3 casualties were evacuated by RAF Sea King helicopter and the rest were walked down. 14 KSMRT team members stood by at the location in case further help was needed.

(24) 27th October, 4.5hrs
The team was called at 2am to assist Patterdale MRT in the search for 6 teenagers on an expedition whose tents had blown down on the fells near Glenridding in appalling weather. 15 KSMRT team members responded. The missing group had been found by the time the team arrived. KSMRT team members went up the fell to help; all the teenagers were able to walk down under supervision.

(23) 25th October, 2hrs
The team was asked to assist the air ambulance in evacuating a walker with a broken leg on a bridleway near Cautley. 15 team members responded along with others from Kendal MRT and stretchered the casualty to the air ambulance.

(22) 21st September, 1 hr
At 3.30 in the morning the police called for help finding a 16 year old missing from a party near Crosby Garrett. 4 team members responded. The missing youngster was found by police before they arrived.

Callout near Kirkland(21) 17th September, 1.5hrs
The team was called to assist Penrith MRT evacuate a walker in her 80s who had injured her ankle just off the Maiden Way near Kirkland. The air ambulance attended and the casualty was evacuated by Land Rover to a road ambulance for transfer to hospital. 7 KSMRT team members attended.

(20) 11th September, 4 hrs
The team was called to a man who felt ill and unable to continue at the top of the Cautley Spout waterfalls. An air ambulance attended but had technical difficulties so the team stayed at the casualty site until the problem was resolved. The casualty was evacuated by helicopter to the Cross Keys Inn. 13 team members were involved.

(19) 29th August, 5 hrs
At around 9pm a young woman from America was reported lost between the Nine Standards and Ravenseat while walking the Coast to Coast path on her own. The 24 year old had lost her bearings after leaving the Nine Standards at around 3.30pm and eventually called for help as night fell. This made finding her a real challenge. Having been located the woman was unhurt and was helped off the hill, with the rescue ending after 5 hours at around 2am. The search involved over 40 Mountain Rescuers from the Kirkby Stephen, Penrith, Swaledale and Teesdale Teams along with search dogs and handlers from the Lake District Mountain Rescue Search Dogs Association and SARDA England.

(18) 29th August, 7 hrs
The team was called at midday to an incident involving a group of teenagers from Merseyside on a Duke of Edinburgh Scheme expedition in the Howgills. One of the group had damaged her knee while they were making their way from the top of the waterfalls at Cautley Spout to The Calf. Unable to walk she needed to be carried out on a stretcher.

(17) 25th August, 4 hrs
The team undertook a technically complex rescue of a sheep trapped on a ledge in Hell Gill. One team member was lowered to the ledge where he put the sheep into a net which was then lowered to the bottom of the gill. The sheep was lead out by two swift water rescue technicians from the team

(16) 24th August
The team was put on standby at around 5pm after two mine explorers were reported overdue near Hilton. The two turned up before the team was deployed.

(15) 22nd August, 1 hr
The team was asked to assist Teesdale MRT at around 1pm with the recovery of a casualty at Selset Reservoir. 6 members responded but were stood down on arrival at Selset as the casualty had already been transferred to the ambulance.

(14) 9th August, 1/2 hr
The team were supporting a charity challenge walk with around 50 participants starting at Tan Hill Inn. At around 1pm, two team members in a Land Rover positioned at Ravenseat, near Keld, were alerted to a woman in difficulties on the Coast to Coast footpath to the east. They were able to drive up the track, assess her condition and drive her to her accommodation in Keld. No ambulance was required.

(13) 27th June, 4.5hrs
10 team members responded at 6.30am to assist Penrith MRT in a search for a missing vulnerable female. She was found at about 11am by a search dog.

(12) 24th June, 1.5hrs
At 4.30pm 3 team members responded to recover a lamb from a shake hole at Wharton Dykes. The lamb was safely recovered from a deep, newly opened shake hole.

(11) 15th June, 3hrs
9 team members responded at around 6am to assist Penrith MRT in a search for a missing vulnerable male. The missing person was found at about 8.30am by Penrith team members.

(10) 18th May, 2.5 hrs
The team was called by North West Ambulance Service to assist with a woman with a broken ankle at Needlehouse Gill in Uldale. 20 team members responded, extracting the casualty on a rope-protected stretcher up a steep bank. She was transferred to a road ambulance.

(9) 12th May
At around 6.30pm the team was asked to help Penrith MRT with a search for a missing person near Kings Meaburn. Shortly after deployment the missing person was found and the team was stood down before reaching the scene. 20 team members responded.
(8) 30th April, 2 hrs
The team was called to assist Penrith MRT with the evacuation of female with a lower leg injury near Swindale Head. 12 team members responded.
26th April
Just after midnight a farmer was reported missing near Orton. Police requested assistance in conducting a search, but they found the injured farmer before the team was deployed.

(7) 19th April, 2 hours
At 15.25, the team was called to Yarlside to assist a 17 yr old male with lower leg injury. The young man was part of a group doing an expedition. 

(6) 25th March, 2 hrs
The team was called out at 13.00 to assist Kendal MRT after a female walker, a member of a party ascending Cautley Spout to The Calf, became ill and could not continue. Cautley Spout is on the boundary between the two teams' areas. A member of Kirkby Stephen MRT who lives locally reached the casualty quickly and made an initial assessment, enabling the approaching fell parties to bring the correct equipment forward. The woman recovered sufficiently to be assisted off the fell to a waiting ambulance.

(5) 12th March, 8 hrs
Called at 07.50, 11 members responded to assist Wasdale MR team search for a solo male walker missing overnight in the Scafell area in the best of spring weather conditions. One of the nine Cumbrian teams taking part in this major search, the team was deployed to search tracks to Black Sail pass and Pillar and also to Wind Gap. The man was located by others early in the afternoon but regrettably was not alive.

(4) 16th February, 30 mins
The team was called to assist Swaledale team search for a male walker reported missing overnight near the village of Grinton in North Yorkshire. 12 members responded but were stood down as they assembled at base when the man turned up, having spent the night in a local inn without informing anyone.

(3) 14th February, 2 hrs
The team were called by Cumbria police a little after 15.00 to recover a motorist who had skidded and collided with the crash barrier high on Tailbridge Hill in winter conditions blocking the road. 18 members responded. The motorist was unhurt.

(2) 1st January, 2 hrs
19 members were present in support of the annual Nine Standards New Year’s Day Fell Run. Leaving from and finishing in Kirkby Stephen Market Square the course rises to the Nine Standards a little over 2000 feet high. Cold rain and sleet striking during the run caused the onset of hypothermia and exhaustion in several of the 129 runners. These were assessed, treated and assisted from the fell by the team.

(1) 1st January, 2.5hrs
16 members responded to an early morning call from the police at 04.36 to locate a 28 year old man missing on the fell near Great Asby. He had reported himself lost having left the scene of a crashed car about an hour earlier. The team together with the police and ambulance service located the car and his friend who had stayed with the vehicle. The missing man returned to the upturned vehicle as the team prepared to search for him. No injuries were sustained.


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