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Incidents 2012

(27) November 17th, 4.25 hrs
The Team was called by North West Ambulance Service to assist their personnel responding to a casualty in cardiac arrest near Flakebridge Woods, Appleby. The gentleman was walking a footpath with his family. 11 members went to the scene. The casualty, who sadly was not able to be rescusitated, was recovered to the nearest road. The team, assisted by a local farmer, then helped recover the paramedic’s vehicle stranded in a muddy field.

(26) November 10th, 30 mins
The Deputy Team Leader was called by police to respond to a call for assistance from a group of 10 fell-walkers near Cow Green reservoir at the eastern edge of the team's area. They were walking the Pennine Way. 4 of the group had reached Cow Green but 6 were still missing, some with potential medical conditions and one with a possible ankle injury. Contact was made with the informant and the callout was passed to Teasdale team who were in the best position to reach the location quickly. Penrith team were placed to standby. The rescue was concluded by Teesdale at 1.30am.

(25) November 6th, 45 mins
The team was asked to assist Penrith MRT in the search for two walkers missing while walking the Pennine Way. 6 members responded to the request for a single Land Rover and crew. Before they were deployed the two walkers were located at the radar station on Great Dun Fell.

(24) October 30th, 2.25 hrs
6 members responded to a call for assistance from a local farmer who reported a sheep cragfast on a high quarry ledge some 40 feet above the ground. A member roped down to the ledge but before he could catch and net the sheep it panicked and in attempting to evade him lost its footing and fell... not the outcome we wished.

(23) October 27th, 2 hrs
10 team members on active standby for the OMM (Original Mountain Marathon) were deployed with Kendal members to assist a male walker with ankle injuries just north of the summit of The Calf in the Howgill Fells. Ironically he was not one of the 2500 OMM participants. The air ambulance was called to evacuate the man to hospital.

(22) October 21st, 15 mins
Two members on first-aid duty at Cumbria County Young Farmers Sports Day at Kirkby Stephen Grammar School were called to assist, check and advise a girl spectator. Her head had been struck by a football and knocked against a wall, resulting in bruising and potential concussion.

(21) September 25th, 3.25 hrs
13 members responded to a request for assistance from Penrith MRT who had been tasked assist a lady with a broken ankle at Kitsty Howes on the fells above Haweswater reservoir. She had slipped on wet ground following heavy rain. The team went in to provide extra manpower for the stretcher evacuation, made easier by the arrival of an RAF Sea King helicopter. The cloud lifted sufficiently for it to land 400 metres from the casualty site.

(20) September 22nd, 2 hrs
Rescue at Fell EndOn a fine clear day 16 members responded to assist the North West Air Ambulance called to treat and evacuate a 19 year male student participating in an orienteering course. He had tripped and tumbled on steep rocky ground at Fell End Clouds, an area of distinctive limestone pavement near Ravenstonedale, Kirkby Stephen, sustaining head, wrist and knee injuries. The casualty was flown to Lancaster RVI hospital.

Great Ormside rescue(19) August 24th, 1.5 hrs
The team was called at around 13.00 hours to help evacuate a 60 year old female walker who had slipped on a bridleway at Great Ormside near Appleby-in-Westmorland, injuring her ankle. 12 team members stretchered her to a waiting air ambulance. 

(18) August 18th, 20 mins
Three members gave assistance to a male competitor in the Ravenstonedale Howgills Fell Race. He had run into hidden barbed wire causing moderate lacerations to his right leg. He made his own way home.

(17) July 17th, 1hr
The team was called at 17.55 hours by the ambulance service who requested help to assist a Danish lady with an injured ankle. She had slipped whilst walking the Coast to Coast path approaching Kirkby Stephen with three friends. 12 members of the team responded and quickly located, treated and recovered her to an ambulance waiting at the nearest roadside.

(16) July 8th, River Belah, 30 mins
In response to a request from a local farmer, four members of the team trained in swift water rescue were called to rescue a sheep stranded, and in danger of being washed away, by deep, rising floodwater on the River Belah. Fortunately it managed to scramble to safety as the group assembled.

(15) June 30th, Wild Boar Fell, 3hrs.
A team member's dog found a lamb lying about 2m down a narrow crack in the limestone pavement below The Nab on Wild Boar Fell. Five team members were deployed who extracted the lamb using ropes and slings and returned it to the farm.

(14) June 3rd, Blea Water near Haweswater, 3.5 hrs
Five members were called to assist Penrith team recover a man with a lower leg injury from Blea Water near Haweswater. He was stretchered from the fell to a waiting ambulance.

(13) June 3rd, Nine Standards to Tailbridge Hill, 0.5 hr
The team, on safety standby for the local Yomp Mountain Challenge, was requested to locate a missing event marshall who was well overdue delivering kit on a quad-bike to the Nine Standards checkpoint. Hill fog was intermittant. He turned up safe and well having gone well off course to avoid bad ground as 8 members mobilized to search for him. Emergency shelters were taken to two fell-top checkpoints when their tents were blown down in high winds.

(12) June 1st, Lady Ann's Highway, Mallerstang, 1.5 hrs
At the request of a local farmer three team members were called to rescue a sheep from a pothole near 'Lady Ann's Highway' in Mallerstang close to the source of the river Eden. The sheep was recovered unhurt and released onto the fell.

(11) May 17th High Cup Nick, 1.25 hours
15 members responded to locate a solo walker who had reported herself well overdue and lost in darkness while descending from the Pennine Way into High Cup Gill. Her flashing torch had also been reported to the police by a fellside farm. She was located safe and well, being brought off the fell on a farmer's quad bike, before being taken by a team member to her accommodation at Dufton Youth Hostel.

(10) May 13th Kirkby Stephen, 0.5 hours
Two members on first-aid duty at a County Young Farmers tug-of-war competition assisted a contestant who had badly twisted her knee and was in substantial pain. Support was given until she was handed over to the ambulance who transfered her to hospital for medical treatment.

(9) May 6th Cautley Spout - 3 hours
stretcher lower with rope17 members responded to assist a 16 year old boy from Hertfordshire with a knee injury beside the high Cautley Spout waterfall in the eastern Howgill Fells. He had been walking up by, and exploring, the falls in the company of well experienced older walkers in excellent weather conditions. The team evacuated him by stretcher and team Land Rover to their car parked at the Cross Keys Inn at Cautley, from where the party made their own way to further medical assistance.

(8) April 30th Keswick - 3.5 hours
11 members were involved with a call to assist Keswick MRT locate a participant in a Lake District fell race. He had been missing overnight in cold windy conditions. His body was located and evacuated by an RAF Sea King helicopter as the team was being briefed at Keswick base.

(7) April 21st Nine Standards - 2 hours
9 members responded to assist a 53 year old male walker with an ankle injury near the Nine Standards on the Coast to Coast walk. He was located by the team who evacuated him to an air-ambulance for transfer to hospital. Fine clear weather.

Sunday April 8th - Standby - 2 hours
The full team were put on standby to assist Penrith MRT in the search for a solo male lost on the remote fells east of Cross Fell. Whistle blasts alloweded the Penrith team to locate him safe and well without further help.

(6) April 3rd Tailbridge Hill - 30 minutes
4 team members were tasked to go to the assistance of two male occupants of a car stuck in snow on the high fell road from Swaledale over Tailbridge Hill. As they left base the call came through from the police saying that they had managed to access the car and eveacuated the two men.

(5) February 19th High Street - 2 hours  
The team was called to assist Penrith recover the body of a walker. He had fallen from the crags near High Street over Bleawater near Haweswater. The day was clear but cold with intermittent snow and ice underfoot. 12 members responded to  help.

(4) February 9th Kirkby Stephen - 6 hours
At 10.00am the team were put on immediate standby following a request from an overstretched North West Ambulance Service as a result of freak adverse weather conditions. The team were also asked to attend a pedestrian accident in the middle of Kirkby Stephen and 3 team members were despatched to the incident only to find that paramedics and an ambulance were already dealing with the situation. At 16.00 hours the team were asked to stand down without receiving any additional requests for assistance. North West Ambulance Service expressed its grateful thanks for our availability during a difficult day for them.

(3) February 4th Cautley Spout - 2 hours
Cautley Spout16 team members responded to a callout at midday to assist a 60 year old walker, in a group, who had collapsed on the path above Cautley Spout. The Air Ambulance was also involved but couldn't locate the casualty because of poor visibility and increasing snowfall. Assisted by members of the group the team located the casualty and gave treatment for hypoglycaemia. The casualty recovered sufficiently to walk down with assistance from team members and after assessment by the Air Ambulance Doctor he was able to make his way home.

(2) January 14th, Cautley Spout - 2.5hours
Cautley spout20 team members responded to a call to help a lady in her 60s walking with her husband by Cautley Spout, England's highest cascade of water. She had a suspected lower leg fracture following a fall on the path by the waterfall. The team recovered her by stretcher and Land Rover to an ambulance waiting by the nearest road at the Cross Keys Inn.

(1) January 5th - The Dodds (Eastern Fells) - 11 hours
11 team members responded to an early morning call for assistance from Patterdale MRT. They needed help in a search for a solo male walker in his 40s missing overnight in very bad weather conditions on the mountains north of Helvellyn. The call came at 5.45am and KSMRT joined Penrith, Kendal MRT, search dog teams and a Royal Navy Sea-King Helicopter. The team searched a large sector including the summits of the Dodds. A team member recorded a a gust of 80mph on the summits. The search continued until late afternoon without result. The search was then called off pending further police investigation.

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