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Incidents 2011

(24) December 26th - Witherslack- 7.5 hours
13 Team members responded to an early morming call for assistance from Kendal MRT, to search for a man in his 70s missing near Witherslack, South Cumbria. The team in conjunction with, Kendal and Duddon and Furness MRTs and an RAF Seaking, searched an extensive area for many hours in rain looking for the man who had argued with his wife and walked out of their holiday accommodation in th early hours of the morning. He turned up safe and well back at his home in Glasgow, having spent the night in a Hotel in Lancaster and subsequently taken the train home. KSMRT wish to thank the Derby Arms and local residents who supplied welcome hot drinks and mince pies during the search.

(23) Wednesday 21st December - Orton Fell – 3.5 hours
13 team members responded to a call, just before 1.00pm, to assist a lady in her 50's who had slipped and sustained a lower leg fracture. She was walking with a well equipped and experienced party of 8 ladies on the fells near Orton in good weather conditions when the simple accident happened. The team administered first-aid and pain relief before evacuating the lady by stretcher to an ambulance for transfer to hospital.
3.5 hours

Thursday 9th December.
The 8 members of the team's swift water rescue group were placed on standby for eight hours from mid-day as the River Eden rose threatening to flood parts of Appleby. Fortunately the towns flood defences kept the water at bay and the team stood down without incident.

(22) Wednesday 16th November. Garsdale.
16 members responded to a call for assistance from the ambulance service who were attending a lady injured in Garsdale near Sedbergh. The North-west air ambulance was able to evacuate the lady and the team was stood down en-route to the scene.
Duration 30 minutes.

(21) Sunday 13th of November. High Street
At 2.30 pm, 13 members responded to a call for assistance from Penrith MRT. They were going to the assistance of a lady with a broken hip and possible head injuries following a fall on Riggindale Ridge above Haweswater. She and her two companions were airlifted to safety by an RAF Seaking as cloud cleared. Duration 3.5 hours.

(20) Tuesday 8th of November. Little Dun Fell
The team was called at 5.30pm with request to go to standby for assistance in locating a walker lost in mist and darkness on Little Dun Fell in the Pennines. The team were stood down 30 minutes later when the walker was located safe and well by mobile phone GPS link and led to safety by Penrith MRT

(19) Sunday 25th Sept 9.30pm
The team was called at 9.30pm by police to assist a lady walking her dog in Stenkrith Park - a rocky gorge on the river Eden by the southern boundary of the town. It had run off in darkness and gone missing. 5 members were sent. The dog was located and returned to its owner within 30minutes.

(18) Wednesday 21st Sept 2.30pm
At the point of deployment for incident 17/11 13 members were redirected to go to the assistance of a man who had injured his knee walking on the Coast to Coast route between Shap and Orton. Accompanied by his wife he was treated and evacuated by air ambulance as the team approached the site. The team subsequently reformed ready to continue incident 17/11.
Duration 1 hour.

(17) Wednesday 21st Sept 2.30pm
Penrith team called for assistance at 2.30pm to search for a man walking the Pennine Way on his own. He had called in by mobile to say he was lost on Cross Fell, the highest in the Pennines. 16 members responded ready to search in heavy rain and low cloud. At the point of deployment 13 members were diverted to incident 18/11. The missing man was located safe and well by Penrith team.
Duration 2.1/2hrs

(16) Saturday 17th September 5pm
14 members responded to a call for assistance from Swaledale team at 5.00pm on Saturday 17th September.
Help was needed to evacuate by stretcher a lady who had slipped and broken her leg while on the popular Coast to Coast walk. The incident near Ravenseat in upper Swaledale lasted two hours in cool overcast weather conditions.

During August the team was present at Tebay Sports Day on Wednesday the 17th and at Ravenstonedale Show fell race on Saturday the 20th. On Saturday the 27th 12 members provided first aid cover for the event and cover for the fell races at Dufton Show. Each event passed without significant incident.

(15) Monday 22nd Aug 2011 1.50pm
A callout to assist a lady walking on the Coast to Coast path on the high fells just south of Nine Standards Rigg in fine summer conditions was made at 1.50pm. Walking with her husband and two friends she had slipped amongst peat hags and broken her right ankle. 12 members responded in the 2.1/2 hour incident in which the lady was treaded and evacuated by the Great North Air Ambulance.

(14) Sunday  21st Aug 2011 afternoon
Two members responded to a call from assistance from a local farmer who had reversed into a roadside ditch boardering a fellside road. Using a Land Rover mounted winch his vehicle was safely recovered back to the road.
Time 1 hour

(13) 7th August. Great Dun Fell
A man with breathing difficulties needed help near Great Dun Fell within Penrith team's area. Penrith were exercising near Haweswater quite some distance away and Kirkby Stephen were requested to assist. 12 members responded but were stood down some 20 minutes later as the air ambulance was able to locate and evacuate the casualty

(12) July 31st July Uldale Force, 3 Hours
Thirteen team members responded to an urgent call to assist a very severely injured male walker. Walking with his wife and a friend he had slipped from a narrow path above Rawthey Gill leading to Uldale Force and fallen some 35 feet or so over a rock crag into the gill. As the team made its way up the gully the casualty was winched from the gill by an RAF Sea King helicopter, diverted from exercise near Windermere, and airlifted to hospital in Lancaster. Sadly the 61 year old was pronounced dead on arrival. Members of the team accompanied the casualty's wife and friend from the fell

July 26th Cow Green - Standby for missing biker
Mid-evening on Tuesday the 26th July the team was called to standby to offer Teesdale and Penrith assistance when a mountain biker was reported overdue and missing in the Cow Green area on Cumbria's eastern border. Fortunately the biker turned up safe and well some 30minutes later.

July 24th Buttermere - 1 hour
Whilst fellwalking near Haystacks in Buttermere, two team members came across a woman with fracture of the lower leg. The casualty was close to a road and after treating the injury and alerting local MR and Ambulance the two team members assisted the paramedics in transferring the casualty to a road ambulance.

(11) 9th July Tailbridge Hill - 1 hour
4 team members responded to a request to assist a woman on the fell near Tailbridge Hill who had twisted her ankle whilst walking the Coast to Coast route. The American woman was in a guided party. The casualty's position was accessible by team Land Rover and she was evacuated from the fell.

(10) 21st June, Crosby Garrett Fell
5 team members were called at 20.30 hours to check on a solo male walker, reported well overdue by his wife. He was intending to walk across the fell with his dog from Newbiggin to Crosby Garrett in wet conditions. He was located safe and well 1 hour later by team members tracking his route in a team Land Rover.

(9) 5th June Nine Standards Rigg.1 hour
Whilst participating in the 29th annual Yomp Mountain Challenge a family of four ,including 3 very young children, were reported as being exhausted and mildly hypothermic close to the summit of Nine Standards Rigg. The team was providing safety cover for the event and several team members were able to assist the family to reach a team Landrover to be driven to the base where they were able to recover. Two young girls who had been assisting the race marshalls were also escorted down from High Pike suffering from the cold and wet conditions.

1st June, Hoff
The terriers were released by a specialist dog rescue group after 7 days underground. The were unharmed but thinner than when they went in.

(8) 27th May, Hoff. 7 hours
Two Lakeland Terriers were reported to be trapped in a deep crevice in a crag overlooking Hoff Beck. Over the course of the day 11 team members, assisted by 4 specialists fromTheCave Rescue Organisation and 2 from COMRU, spent 7 hours trying extract the trapped dogs from a narrow passage deep in the rock face. Attempts to dig through failed as the passage became too narrow. The conditions of heavy rain and slippery mud make the task very difficult. As darkness fell it was decided that the dogs would not be rescued that night. Some work was done at the exits to help them should they try to make their own way out.
(7) 13th may 2011 Hellbeck Quarry near Brough 1 hour
A call for assistance from the ambulance service prompted a response from 11 members. Help was needed to evacuate a person taken ill in Hellbeck Quarry near Brough. The call was received at 3pm and lasted for 1 hour.

(6) 1st May 2011. Cross Fell area. 6 hours
At 11.30pm 13 team members responded to a call for assistance from Penrith MRT who had been tasked by police to search for a man reported overdue whilst walking one of the remotest sections of the Pennine Way. The man in his early 50s, alone and well equipped, had not called in as intended. He was walking the from Dufton to Alston in good weather over Cross Fell - the highest point on the Pennine Way. Teesdale MRT and Search and Rescue dogs also took part in the search which lasted for 6 hours until the walker was reported safe and well north of Alston.
A further 7 team members were stood by and available from 5pm.

5th April Northern Howgills. 14 Hours
Around 8pm 16 members responded to a call for help from a man in his late 50s lost in thick mist without torch or compass as darkness descended when walking on the North Eastern Howgills above Tebay. Kirkby Stephen with the assistance of Penrith and Kendal teams and 4 search dogs, searched through the night for the man in in wind and rain. The weather conditions prevented the use of a SAR helicopter. After daylight on Wednesday members of Teesdale, Swaledale, CRO and Duddon and Furness teams joined Kirkby Stephen in the search as it moved into its second phase. The man was located at 9.00 by members of CRO as he was trying to walk to safety. He was cold and wet but unhurt. Over 70 personnel from 8 teams were involved in the incident that emphasised the importance of going properly equipped to the hills in all conditions

21st February 2011. Castle Carrock 1 hour
16 team members confirmed their availability to assist Penrith MRT in a callout to locate a blind man lost with his dog on a fell track near Castle Carrock, Carlisle. The man was located by the Penrith team and Kirkby Stephen were stood down.

11th February Cow Green area 3 hours
At 16.30 The team received a call from Teesdale MRT to assist in the search for a missing male walker who had reported himself lost in thick mist in the Cow Green Area. The police had been alerted by his wife. The team were initially put on standby and then tasked to send a vehicle up to Great Rundle tarn to check the shooting hut and also to use the lights and sirens to attract the attention of the walker if he was in that area. A radio relay was also set up in Dufton. The walker was found in the Moor House area.

6th February. River Eden, Stenkrith. 30 minutes.
The team were called to assist the local firebrigade in the rescue of two male canoeists reported to be in trouble in fast flowing water in the river Eden at Stenkrith. The team were assembling at base when they were stood down as the males had been retrieved from the river.

15th January 2011. Wild Boar Fell 4.5 hours.
The team were contacted at 5.30am to assist a group of four adults whose overnight camp at Sand Tarn, high on Wild Boar Fell, had been blown down in gale force winds and heavy rain. Guidance and advice on survival were given by mobile phone and the group, all in their 30s, were able to find their way off the Fell. Two team members met them as they returned, very wet but unhurt to their car at Street in Fell End at 10am.

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