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Incidents 2010

29) December 31st Whinlatter Forest 6.5 hours
The team were asked to assist with another search for the Lady despondant who went missing on the 21st December. 9 team members joined a total of more than 70 personnel from Cockermouth; Keswick; Wasdale; Patterdale; Penrith and Kirkby Stephen MRTs. They all took part in very detailed 400 metre long line search from the Eastern boundary of the Whinlatter Forest to the visitor centre in the middle of the forest. Much of the terrain proved very difficult to cross. The search concluded without success at 12. pm.

28) December 26th Cautley Spout, Howgill Fells. 4 hours
A callout by police at 11.00 by police to rescue a climber who had fallen 25 metres whilst leading the main ice fall of Cautley Spout, which has seen many ascents over the last few weeks. 14 members responded and were joined by 13 from Kendal MRT together with 2 from Teesdale and 3 from CRO who were in the area. An Air Ambulance Paramedic was able to reach the incident site but couldn't resuscitate the casualty. Stretcher evacuation would have been extremely difficult and the team were pleased to receive the assistance of an RAF Seaking helicopter that winched the deceased man from the foot of the icefall. Airlifted to the roadside he was then tranferred to a waiting ambulance. The team stood down at 15.00.

27) December 22nd/23rd Whinlatter Forest near Keswick. 4 hours and 9.5 hours.
A 43 year old female despondent was reported as missing. on Thursday the 23rd the Team supported Cockermouth and Keswick MRTs in  a major search which involved four rescue teams, search dogs, a police helicopter and an RAF Sea King with Infra red search equipment. The search was lengthy, and covered a large area  of forest around the Visitor Centre, and the surrrounding fellside. So far, she has not been found. On the 22nd a KSMRT dog handler and one team member had been involved in the initial search.

26) December 8th. Waitby. 1.25 hours.
First Responders requested assistance to reach a man requiring medical help in Waitby. Two team members delivered the First Responders to the site before returning to guide the ambulance over the snow and ice covered roads.

25) November 30th A66 Stainmore 2.5 hours
After completing recovery of the ambulance the team were tasked by police to contact and evacuate 3 lorry drivers marooned by snow overnight in the carpark of the Stainmore Cafe high on the A66 over Bowes Moor. With two Land Rovers and with a snow plough clearing the route the three vehicles were recovered. A milk tanker and two curtainsided HGVs were released.

24) November 30th Waitby 2 hrs
Team requested by local First Responders at 9.50am to assist with transport over snow bound roads to village of Waitby. An elderly gentleman had been found collapsed outside his house. A limited call out of 4 team members were sent with the Land Rover. The Air Ambulance dealt with the casualty. The team then assisted the recovery of the road ambulance, which was stuck in snow and were then recalled to take the gentlemans body to an undertaker in Kirkby Stephen.

23) Ambulance assistance for Kendal MRT 5.5 Hours.
Kendal requested assistance as all their assets were committed help Langdale or NW Ambulance Service. 6 team members were put on standby and two were sent to Kendal base. There services weren't called on and they stood down once Kendal team had returned to base.

22) October 26th Northern Howgills. 2 hours
At 10.15am, following an emergency call from a group of 4 girls participating in a Silver DofE expedition in the Howgill Fells, police requested the team to manage the incident. Having camped overnight, just below Green Bell, the girls became lost and cold in hill fog and rain. When their supervisors were unable to locate them on their intended route, the team went to stand-by and began preparartions to search for them. Fortunately the girls were able to find shelter in a barn and were found by a farmer who guide them to safety at midday. Four team members were involved in the incident lasting 2 hours.

21) September 16th Bowes Moor area. No action. 1 hour
Cumbria police called the team to say that an emergency cell phone call had been received from a group of female DofE students. Their where abouts was unknown and the signal was then lost. They could have been anywhere in a vast area and as the weather was fine and in discussion with neighbouring teams it was decided no action would taken until contact was made or further information was available. The group susbsequently called in to say they were safe.

20) September 1st. Mallerstang Edge - Advisory (not callout)
Police control requested investigation of sighting of 4 orange 'flares' on Mallerstang Edge. Discussion with the person who reported the lights led to the conclusion that the flares were likely to be floating 'chinese lanterns'.The police were advised that no further action was necessary. Sightings of this type of lantern have caused a number of alerts.

19) August 29th, Potts Valley area 1 hour
11 team members responded to a call to help the ambulance service recover an injured young rider who had fallen from her horse on Great Ewe Fell close to Potts Valley. When the team arrived The Air Ambulance had picked up the girl from the fell. Team members assisted with the stretcher transfer of the casualty to the road ambulance as the helicopter had been tasked to attend an RTA.

18) August 18th, Kirkby Stephen area. 1 hour.
This incident began at 4.15 as members were coming off the fell after supporting the injury free Weasedale Fell Race. 14 members responded to a call for assistance to search for a local man, missing form home for many hours. To the relief of all he returned home safely as the team began deployment following a sighting by one team member on his way to the base.

17) August 17th, The Calf, 2.30 hours
A small group of 4 team members were tasked with assisting the evacuation of an 19 year old male, with a leg injury, from the Cautley Spout area in very wet and windy conditions. The young man, who was in a guided group led by another team member, suffered a spontaneous dislocation of the knee, on very easy ground only minutes after leaving the summit of The Calf. Fortunately the injured knee went back into place and the casualty was able to stand and although in some pain, was able to move very slowly downhill with considerable assistance from the party leader. A decision was taken to request help before phone signal was lost, in case the injury worsened or the rest of the party started to suffer from the wet and cold. I.5 hours into the steep and difficult descent the casualty group were met by the 4 team members who were able to assist the casualty in the final hour to the road. The determination of the 19 year old in undertaking the ardous and uncomfortable descent avoided a much more difficult outcome.

16) August 19th. Blencathra. 7 hours
9 team members responded to an early morning call for assitance from Keswick MRT. They had been out all night searching for a missing walker on Blencathra. Help was needed from neighbouring teams to continue the search the next day. Having left base at 6.30am the team were tasked with searching the steep Southern slopes of Scales Fell. A little before midday the man's body was located, by a search dog, below the rocky crest of Hall's Fell Ridge further to the west. The body was recovered by the Keswick team and flown from the fell by an RAF SAR helicopter.

15) July 24th. 17.30. Baugh Fell. 4.5 hours
14 team members including a search dog and handler, responded to a call from a solo male hillwalker lost in sudden and thick hill fog and rain on the extensive summit plateau of Baugh Fell. The team were assisted by two dogs and handlers from the Cave Rescue Organistaion. In addition Swaledale MRT were on standby at Garsdale Head. As the search developed the man was guided by team control via mobile phone, using the wind direction as indicator. Descending to lower ground he was able to walk out to safety. Assistance by local farmers was of real value during the search and greatly appreciated.

14) July 22nd. 15.50. Wild Boar Fell 3 Hours
12 team members responded to a call to assist a woman who had become cragfast on rocks just below the summit of Wild Boar Fell. After a short search two team members reached the woman who was stuck, with her two large bearded collies, on a very steep rocky slope 50 metres below the summit. As other team members arrived the woman was helped to safety with assistance of a confidence rope. Unhurt, she was escorted down the fell to a waiting team landrover. The speed of the rescue was helped in part by very skillfull driving of a team landrover to a high part of the fell.

June 2nd 03.00 West Cumbria. 10 hours
The team were asked by police to assist in roadside searches along the route taken by the gunman in the tragic shootings on the 1st of June in West Cumbria. 11 team members responded. All the Cumbrian teams were involved as were Moffat, Teesdale and Bowland. The tasks were completed by late morning and the team returned to base at 13.00.One of the teams two dog handlers responded seperately to an earlier call to the same incident. This was to be his last incident with the team as he is moving to work in the Cairngorms in Scotland.

April 23rd 18.30 Appleby Area. 1.50 hours
11 team members responded to a request from Penrith MRT to help in a search for a lady missing from her home near Appleby. Depressed and needing help she was located by by police and brought of the fell by a farmer on a quad bike. This fortunate outcome occured just as the team were about to be deployed. A team member, who is a member of Skywatch was ready to assist the search in his light aircraft.

March 29th 22.00 Mossdale Moor. 12.50 hours
The team received a request from Swaledale MRT to assist the search for a missing elderly male on the moorland west of Hawes. 4 team members were deployed for 5 hours on a night search and then a further 10 team members resumed searching in daylight at 7.00. In addition to Swaledale and KSMRT, team members from The CRO; Wharfedale; RAF MRT; Kendal MRT and dog handlers from other teams were involved in a detailed search of the dificult ground in very misty and wet conditions. The missing man was located at 11.30 by a search dog over a mile to the west of the search centre. He was very cold and wet but otherwise well.

March 26th 16.40. High Cup Nick 6 hours
The team were called out to search for a couple who had reported themselves lost between Great Rundale Tarn and High Cup Nick. 17 KSMRT members reponded. Teesdale and Penrith teams were also asked to help with the search. The situation was complicated by the fact that mobile phone reception was very intermittent and the information given was very limited. After 6 hours the couple were located, close to Rundale Tarn, by two Teesdale team members. They were suffering mild hyporthermia and were able to walk out to be picked up by a Kirkby Stephen Mobile near Rundale Beck. Incidents of this nature emphasise the need to carry map and compass and have the skills to use them A suitable torch (with spare batteries) should be carried year round and especially in the winter months.

February 27th 15.20 Dufton. 50 minutes
Whilst KSMRT were giving fell cover and support to the annual High Cup Nick Fell race, two competitors were given first aid. One was suffering an asthma attack and the other had a cut knee

February 26th 14.10, Moreland near Penrith. 2 hours.
The team was called by Penrith MRT to assist with a search for an elderly man missing in the village of Moreland. 8 members responded in cold wet and wintery conditions to assist the search begun earlier by police and local residents. The missing man man turned up safe and well a little after 16.00 hours, having spent the day locked in a property adjacent to his own.

January 12th, B6276 at Hellbeck Fell. 3 hours
This was almost a carbon copy of the call out on the 30th of December. This time 13 team members responded to a request from the police, timed at 20.40, to rescue 5 people in 3 cars trapped in drifting snow and high winds at the high point of the Brough to Middleton in Teesdale road. This was despite the fact that the road was signed closed. Teesdale MRT were also called out. After reaching the vehicles it was decided that the passengers would be carried out in Teesdale team Landrovers as the road access was easier from the north. The remaining vehicles and road were checked to ensure that everyone had been evacuated and the team stood down.

January 12th. Great Asby, I hour.
5 team members answered a selective call at 2.40am to assist an ambulance in difficulty on a snow covered farm road close to Great Asby. When they reached the scene the ambulance had been recovered with the help of a farm tractor.

January 6th - 9th.
Over this period the team answered three requests for help with transport as result of the very difficult snow conditions.
1) 6th - Delivering meals on wheels over snow covered roads in Kirkby Stephen area. Two team members involved.
2) 6th - At request of Ambulance service the a team member collected a man and his wife from a snow bound cottage and delivered to hospital transport.
3) 9th - At the request of the ambulance service 3 team members in a team Landrover collected and transported a lady from her home in the Shap area to a nursing home in Appleby.

January 5th, Little Asby. 1.40 Hours
The team were called out to recover an unconcious man near the village of Little Asby. 14 team members responded. The man was treated at the scene and then carried to an Air Ambulance for transport to hospital.

January 3rd South Stainmore. 1.50 hours
11 team members responded to a call to Bleathgill, South Stainmore. A lady with an urgent medical condition required urgent transport to hospital. Ambulance vehicles couldn't drive the snow covered roads to the remote farmhouse. The lady was put onto a team stretcher in a casualty bag for warmth and carried by team Landrover back to KSMRTbase, where she was transferred to a waiting ambulance.

January 1st; Mallerstang. 1.5 hours.
While the team was covering the 9 Standards fell race a call came from the police asking for help in recovering an elderly lady from a snowbound cottage in the Mallerstang Valley. 12 teams members responded and reached the cottage. The 80 year old Lady was well but unable to negotiate the the steep and very slippery descent to the road. The team placed her in a Casualty Bag for warmth and sledged her down on a stretcher to join her family. The group had been celebrating New Year at the holiday cottage.

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