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Incidents 2009

Thursday 31st of December, Loadpot Hill Ullswater. Duration 1.6 hours
13 team members responded to a request from Penrith MRT to assist in a search for two females lost on Loadpot Hill above Ullswater during a snow squall. The missing persons were located by a search dog and the team was stood down while on route to the incident.

Wednesday 30th December, Tailbridge Hill. Duration 2 hours
Some time after the previous incidents and following a request from the police to investigate a report of vehicle light being seen on Tailbridge Hill, four team members were tasked to check the road as far as the county boundry. A vehicle was found abandoned behind the vehicle involved in the previous incident. Their tracks indicated that they had walked down the road to Kirkby Stephen.

Wednesday 30th of December, Tailbridge Hill. Duration 3 hours.
Running concurrently with the previous incident 10 members of the team were deployed to recover a family with two children from a car trapped in the snow at the summit of Tailbridge Hill on the high B6270 route into Swaledale. Assisted by a local farmer and tractor they recovered the family to the teams base in Kirkby Stephen. Penrith MRT provided back up bringing two Land Rovers and crews to the Kirkby Stephen base.

Wednesday 30th December, B6276 at Hellbeck Fell. Duration 4.5 hours.
The team responded to help police assist a tailback of motorists snowbound on the A66 approaching Stainmore Summit following an RTA. This had cleared as 11 members of the team deployed and they were consequently re-tasked to recover motorists stranded in cars on the B6276 road to Middleton in Teesdale. The deep drifts prevented the team Landrovers reaching the scene and a group of team members walked over a mile through rising drifts to reach 20 cars at the high point of the road near to Hellbeck Fell. Conditions were easier on the Teesdale side and most of the vehicles were turned around and made their way back to Middleton-Teesdale. A number of drivers and passengers were given lifts in vehicles with 4 wheel drive. Two people were evacuated by an RAF Sea King helicopter skillfully landed in a field corner by the road. Assisted by Teesdale MRT the remaining road was checked.

Tuesday 22nd December, Mallerstang. Duration 1.5 hours
Three team members responded to assist an elderly lady snowbound in her house in the Mallerstang. A team Landrover was used to deliver essentila supplies.

Thursday November 19th. Keswick. Duration 15 hours
The devasting floods of November 19th and 20th. 20 members of the team were tasked as overnight relief and reserve for the Keswick Team at the heart of the flooding. Joined by members of Teesdale and Swaledale at Keswick base, they spent the night on call and effecting welfare checks on residents marooned by floodwater. Three swiftwater trained members with 2 further members in support continued next morning assisting with the riverbank search following the collapse of bridges in Workington. The team remained on stand-by until Wednesday the 25th.

Thursday September 10th. Simon's Seat, Howgills. Duration 1.5 hours
A KSMR team member was leading a guided walk in the Howgills when a client was taken ill on the very steep slopes leading to the col south of Simon’s Seat. The casualty who was on the verge of collapse and very confused was assisted to the col where treatment and first aid for possible hypoglaecemia and dehydration was given. He was extremely confused, barely conscious and showing a very weak (no radial) and rapid pulse. When there was no quick response to treatment the emergency services were called and an air ambulance was requested with an accurate position and casualty status report given. The casualty site was at least 2 hours from the nearest road. The helicopter was on scene in 20 minutes and the casualty evacuated to hospital.

Friday August 21st. Mardale
14 team members responded to assist Penrith MRT with a search in Mardale for a missing fellwalker. Before deployment the missing walker turned up unhurt and the team was stood down.

Saturday August 15th. Crosby Garrett
A team member reported that a supermarket delivery van was caught in rising flood waters in ford across the Scandal Beck. 6 team members arrived to find the driver had made his way to the bank. The team then used winching equipment on its Land Rover to pull the stranded vehicle from the the swollen beck.

Friday July 31st. Newbiggin-on-Lune. Duration 1 hour
14 team members responded at 21.00 to assist an ambulance call to an injured child and a lady with possible head injuries at a fellside house. The ambulance crew on the scene were able to deal with the relatively minor incident.

Saturday June 20th. Tebay. Duration 1 hour
8 team members supported the Tebay Championship Fell race. This national event attracted a field of 330 competitors. A competitor with a dislocated shoulder was assisted from the course by team Landrover and four other competitors had minor injuries treated at race control.

Tuesday June 5th. Tebay. Duration 1 hour
15 members responded to a call for assistance from a man reporting his wife well overdue from a walk over the fells to east of the M6 motorway near Tebay. Walking together they had become seperated near to the summit of Blease Fell and concern was expressed for her safety when overdue by two hours. She turned up safe and well at a farm some distance away from her intended route. The team were stood down.

Saturday June 2nd. Mallerstang. Duration 1 hour
Whilst supporting the annual Kirkby Stephen Yomp, the team were involved in two incidents. In each case walkers/runners were assisted from the fell with minor leg injuries.

Tuesday May 5th. Soulby near Kirkby Stephen. Duration 1 hour
Four team members responded to a request to recover a newborn Shetland Foal from a narrow 16 metre long drainage channel running under a disused railway station at Soulby. The foal was recovered by a team member, an experienced caver, who crawled through the muddy 60 cm x 60cm drain to complete the rescue.

Sunday March 15th. Forcett, County Durham. Duration 3.5 hours
At 5am, Teesdale MRT requested assistance in a a search for two young boys missing overnight. Teesdale and Swaledale had been out all night with the assistance of an RAF Sea King SAR helicopter. 12 KSMRT members responded and were deployed searching areas close to the village of Forcett. Teams from all over the North East has joined the search. The two boys were found safe and well at 9.30am.

Saturday March 14th. Knock Pike, Dufton. Duration 2 hours
8 members responded to a request from the ambulance service to help evacuate a woman with an ankle injury close to Knock Pike, Dufton. The team reached the casualty and treated the injury before evcuating her by stretcher and team Land Rover to a waiting ambulance.

Thursday February 5th. South Stainmore. Duration 3 hours
At 9.00am on Thursday 5th February Cumbria Ambulance Control requested the assistance of the Team to transport their paramedics to a remote snow bound farmhouse where a lady had been taken ill. Two members were sent in one of the Team Land Rovers and succeeded in getting through to the farmhouse. When no helicopter assistance was available they evacuated the casualty out to the ambulance for transfer to hospital.

Tuesday February 3rd. South Stainmore. Duration 2.60 hours
The team were called at 15.00 to go to the assistance of of a group of passengers stranded in a vehicle in huge drifts on the Barras to Tan Hill road. The vehicle was the all terrain Hagland tracked snow cat driven by the Landlady of the Tan Hill who was carrying two members of staff and a dog. They were attempting to descend to Barras when the vehicle's engine overheated and failed in huge drifts. The situation was complicated by the fact that one of the passegers had a serious medical condtion that required regular medication. He had been without the medication for two days and was starting to feel ill. 7 team members were involved in the rescue. Two team Land Rovers attempted to drive the road towards Tan Hill.They were stopped by 7 foot snowdrifts that in places entirely filled the narrow walled road. Their highpoint was less than 1 kilometre from the stranded snowcat and 6 team members were able to force a path through the drifts to reach the vehicle at 16.15 - only 75 minutes after the initial call out. The 3 passengers and the dog were unhurt but very cold.They were given thermal gloves and other warm kit and assisted through the snowdrifts to reach the Land Rovers. The dog was carried by a team member in a rucksack. Arriving at base the passengers were warmed up and the man with the medical condition taken to the local health centre. There was considerable media interest in this rescue as the passengers had been talking to the BBC while they were waiting for the team to arrive!

Monday February 2nd. Windmore End. Duration 2.5 hours
On a further callout at 16.35, 9 team members responded to a request by police to assist the highways snowplough recover snowbound vehicles and their passengers on the B6276 road from the Eden valley to Teesdale above Windmore End as darkness fell in deteriorating weather conditions. 3 cars were winched and towed from deepening, drifting snow. They were able to return to the safety of the valley.

Monday February 2nd. Tailbridge Hill. Duration 2.5 hours
The team were on standby, because of the heavy snow and treacherous driving conditions. At 13.25 6 members responded to a call to evacuate a family of four, two parents and two very young children,from their car on a snowbound Tailbridge Hill on the B6270 from the Eden valley over the Pennines to Swaledale. Their route was blocked by a lorry wedged across the road in drifting snow on this steep remote road. The two occupants in the lorry were also taken to safety. They had attempted the difficult route through Swaledale, because the A66 road was closed by snow! The vehicles were left for recovery when the weather conditions improve.

Monday January 19th. Pennine Way, High Cup Nick. Duration 16 hours
Within 2 hours of returning from the previous call the team were contacted by police and asked to coordinate a search for a 24 year old male, solo walker,24 hours overdue on the Pennine way from Langdon Beck in Teesdale to Dufton in the Eden walley. An overnight search of the 20 kilometre route over high Pennine moorland was completed in very difficult condition of heavy snow, spindrift and deep snow drifts. 16 members from Kirkby Stephen and Teesdale teams, including 3 search dogs found nothing. An RAF Sea King helicopter had to abort its search due to bad weather. At first light the helocopter resumed its search and rescuers from Kirkby Stephen, Teesdale, Penrith, Swaledale and Cleveland together with search dogs deployed in improving conditions. The missing walker left the shelter of a shooting hut at this point. This hut some 3 kilometres north of his intended route was the only shelter in the area. It had been his home for the last 36 hours. Walking west he obtained a mobile phone signal and was able to give a description of his location. This enabled the Sea King to locate him and airlift him to the safety of the Kirkby Stephen MRT base. 19 Kirkby Stephen team members together with approximately 40 from neighbouring teams took part in this 16 hour incident.

Monday January 19th. Langwathby. Duration 4 hours
At 14.25 the team were requested to assist Penrith MRT in the search for a body reported to have been seen floating in the river Eamont near Penrith. 16 members responded and were tasked to search upstream of the bridge over the Eden at Langwathby, close to its confluence with the Eamont. With no result the team was stood down as darkness fell.

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