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Incidents 2008

Tuesday January 29th. Keswick
Duration 3 hours
The team was called at 7.30 to assist Keswick MRT with a search for a 52 year old lady missing overnight. Her car had been found close to the River Greta, close to Keswick. Five team members took part and were awaiting deployment at Keswick base when the news came through that unfortunately the lady had been found dead. Her body had been located by an RAF helicopter searching very low along the River Greta on the outskirts of Keswick. Also involved in the call out were Penrith MRT, CRO and HM Coastguard.

Friday February 1st. A66 Stainmore
Duration 4 hours
The team responded to assist police and highways personnel with evacuation of a coach party and other travellers caught and stranded in very severe winter conditions on the A66 trans-pennine route at Stainmore Pass between Bowes and Brough. Seven members using two of the team's Land Rovers took part in the 4 hour incident that began at 15.30. Teesdale and Swaledale Teams were working west from Bowes and Kirkby Stephen Team were coming in from Brough. Passengers on the west side were evacuated to the Castle Hotel, Brough. The teams met up at 18.00 and after ensuring that everbody who needed evacuation from the A66 had been cleared the team went on to check the B6276 Brough to Teesdale road. They assisted in the recovery of several vehicles and ensured that nobody was stranded. Once again they met up with Teesdale team and were then stood down.
Unfortunately a team exercise planned for that night had to be cancelled.

Saturday April26th. Wet Sleddale
Duration 4.30 hours
Penrith MRT requested help to search Wet Sleddale for 6 young, ill equiped, walkers who had reported themselves lost and called for assistance by mobile phone. 16 team members including two search dogs and a further dog from Teesdale responded to the callout in wet and misty conditions. At an early stage in the search the police received a call to say that the walkers had found a track they recognised and were returning to Wet Sledale car park. Consequently Penrith team stood down and Kirkby Stephen were asked to meet the walkers and escort them safely from the fell. Despite a 2 hour search no trace was found of the missing group. Later information suggested that they came down from the fell much later.

Sunday April 27th. Tan Hill
Duration 2.30 hours
Eight members of the team including two search dog handlers responded to a call for assistance soon after midnight on the morning of 28th April from the police attending an incident close to Tan Hill Inn, Englands highest on the moors above Kirkby Stephen. Following a violent arguement a woman was reported by a passing motorist seeing her run off on to the moor, her companion driving away without her. Kirkby Stephen, Teesdale and Swaledale teams responded to the call lasting some 2.1/2 hours. Police , however, detained the couple as they made their way home together.

Sunday May 25th. Central Howgill Fells
Duration 3 hours
A female walker sustained an ankle injury near the summit of Bush Howe in the Central Howgills. 14 team members responded to the call out. The casualty was able to walk with asistance and the team helped her down to the road from where she was take to Westmorland Hospital. Her husbands rucksack, which had blown away in strong winds on the ridge, was recovered by team members walking in the area the next day.

Sunday May 25th. High Cup Nick
Duration 2.30 hours
Team members had just returned to base from the earlier call out when a request was received to help a 72 year old man who had fallen and sustained head injuries whilst walking on the Pennine Way path close to the head of High Cup Nick. 16 team members were able to respond very quickly and the casualty was found and his injuries assessed. A short stretcher carry to a team landrover enabled the casualty to be quickly evacuated to the road. An ambulance tranferred the injured man to hospital.

Sunday June 1st. High Pike, Mallerstang Edge
Duration 1 hour
The team were providing cover for the Kirkby Stephen Yomp. In deteriorating conditions of wind and rain a 12 year old boy arrived at the High Pike checkpoint. He was very cold and suffering the early stages of hypothermia. A team member gave him treatment and kept the young casualty warm until he could be evacuated by quad bike.

Sunday June 29th. Hell Gill Force, Aisgill
Duration 1.5 hours
A limited call out of 5 team members responded to a request from a local farmer to rescue a lamb trapped on a rock ledge on the steep walls of the Force. Two team members approached the ledge by abseil and were able to rescue the lamb

Monday August 4th. Tailbridge Hill
Duration 1.6 hours
15 team members responded to a call to assist in the evacuation of 43 year old paraglider with back and arm injuries. Although paramedics had reached the casualty he was some way from the road and team members were able to carry the casualty on a stretcher to the road and a waiting ambulance.

Sunday August 10th. Ullswater
Duration 4 hours
18 team members responded to a call to assist Penrith MRT in the search for a missing 20 year male. The team completed a detailed search of farmland to the east of Ullswater Lake. The police called off the search at 18.30 as all likely land areas had been cleared. The Lake would become the focus of the ongoing search.

Tuesday September 23rd. Stainmore
Duration 4 hours
Police instigated a major search for a missing 39 year old man. 27 team members and 4 search dogs were deployed in and around forestry near Barras. Evidence of the man's movements were found but the search was suspended as darkness made search too difficult in dense forestry.

Wednesday September 24th. Stainmore
Duration 10 hours
18 team members and search dogs resumed the search. They were joined by Penrith, Teesdale and Swaledale Teams. An RAF Sea King helicopter also joined the search. No further evidence was found throughout a full days search. Late in the evening the missing man walked into a farm yard in a state of exhaustion. This was 3 miles from the search area. The man was taken to hospital.

Wednesday October 1st. Grange over Sands.
6 team members responded to a midnight call to assist Kendal MRT in the search for an elderly lady missing from a care home. Fortunately the lady was found alive and taken to hospital just before the team were deployed.

Tuesday October 14th. Wreay near Carlisle.
The team were called to assist Penrith MRT with a search for a missing male despondant. He had been missing since early on Monday and was last seen close to jnct 42 of the M6. 11 team members including a search dog and handler responded. The team were tasked with searching footpaths and dense overgrown woodlands bordering the river. The man's body was found around midday and recovered by the Penrith team.

Thursday October 23rd. High Cup Nick
Duration 4.30 hours
24 members joined 16 from Penrith MRT to search in atrocious conditions for two people benighted on the Pennine Way above High Cup Nick. By midnight a Penrith search dog had located a male and female who were cold and wet but unhurt. They were brought to safety and taken off the fell by Land Rover.

Saturday October 25th. Central Howgills
Duration 6.30 hours
The team were called by police to help a DofE party of 5 seventeen year old girls who were stranded in very bad weather high in the Howgill Fells. The team had contact with the girls one of whom had a minor ankle injury. 19 KSMRT members responded including 2 search dogs. Two fast search groups were deployed to search an area north of The Calf. The girls were located close to their expected position. Their supervisor who had been missing since 18.30 was also found with them having just reached their position. The group was escorted to safety and the team stood down at midnight. The girls had followed all instructions given by phone and had managed to find some shelter by wrapping a collapsed tent around themselves.

Tuesday November 4th. Hike Pike Hill, Mallerstang Edge
Duration 3.30 hours
24 members responded to a call to search for a 28 year old male who had become benighted in the region of High Pike Hill. He had been searching for his dog when darkness fell. Without a torch and lightly clothed he could have been in an extremely serious situation. Fortunately his mobile phone had a signal connection and had alerted the police. The man was contacted by KSMRT team leader and advised to stay where he was. He had been able to give a very approximate position in the remote area to the east of High Pike Hill. A line search east from the summit eventually located the man around 19.30. He was very cold but unhurt. His dog was with him. The team led him off the hill to safety.

Tuesday 11th November. Dentdale
Duration 5.45 hours
Kendal MRT requested assitance to search for a missing female. Her car had been washed of the Sedbergh to Dent road in heavy flooding. A farmer had seen her struggling to get out of the car before being washed away. The car had been located with a trapped dog dead inside. From 8am on Wednesday 5 KSMRT members assisted with a search of the river banks. A body was found by members of the CRO several miles downstream in the River Rawthey. The team was stood down at 12.30.

Friday December 5th. Tailbridge Area
Duration 30 mins
Request via Swaldale MRT to search for missing keeper. Team were on exercise, which was cancelled. Keeper turned as team gathered. Stood down and exercise abandoned.

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