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Incidents 2007

October 13th. High Cup Nick near Appleby
A lone walker without map or compass became lost in mist on the high ground beyond High Cup Nick. By phone the Team Leader was able to help the walker, using wind direction to guide him to safety. Two dog handlers were despatched to ensure his safe descent from High Cup Nick.

September 9th. Scoredale near Appleby
Duration 4 hours

15 team members responded to a callout to rescue a 43 year old man with an open fracture of his leg. The casualty was in a difficult position on very steep ground. Team members stabilised the injury and treated his pain with entonox and morphine - the casualty was then lowered on a stretcher down a 300 foot slope. He was then carried to the team's Land Rover ambulance and driven to hospital in Carlisle. The man who was from Great Sankey in Warwickshire, was a accompanied by a friend who was unhurt and able to raise the alarm. The team had carried out a practice rescue in very similar circumstances in the same area only 2 days earlier.

August 25th 2007. Gouther Crag in Swindale
9 team members responded to a call to assist Penrith MRT in evacuating a female casualty who had fallen whilst climbing on Gouther Crag. The casualty was evacuated by helicopter before the team was deployed.

July 22nd 2007. Ulldale
7 members responded to a request for assistance from a local farmer seeking help to rescue a suckler cow from a fellside ravine where it had become stranded having it is believed possibly been washed there by flood water. The steep sides of the ravine and waterfalls upstream over which the cow had travelled blocked its passage to safety. An airlift was not possible, such resources being committed elsewhere leaving a possible lower over a downstream waterfall the only hazardous option to consider. After a team member was  taken to hospital by Cumbria Air Ambulance for stitches and a check-up having been injured by the cow the decision was taken to put down the animal after which members assisted with the recovery of the dead animal.

July 19th 2007. Outhgill Mallerstang
5 members responded late on Thursday evening to assist police check a call for emergency assistance from a family whose car had been caught in flood water in the hamlet of Outhgill, Mallerstang, near Kirkby Stephen. Police had the situation under control before the team arrived.

July 4th 2007. The Calf in the Howgill Fells
Duration 5 hours

A party of 6 teenage girls were taking part in a D of E Gold Award expedition. They were in heavy rain and thick mist when they became lost close to the summit of The Calf. One of the party developed the early stages of hypothermia and became exhausted. The group erected tents and then called for help. 16 members of the team responded to the call out. The girls were found by 4 team members at 18.00. The casualty was assessed and it was decided that she was capable of walking off the hill - with assistance. The 4 team members escorted her down the long North ridge to Bowderdale where rescue vehicles and the girls parents were waiting. The rest of the D of E students continued to Sedbergh with their supervisors. The teenagers had avoided a much more serious incident by acting in the correct manner.

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