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Incidents 2019

(Note: incidents given with a number in brackets are officially reportable, while the others relate to standbys, event cover and incidents outside the team area at which team members were present)

(21) 21st December
11 members of the team assisted Penrith MRT in the search for two walkers lost beyond High Cup Nick. The walkers were found and escorted down.

(20) 12th December
Seven members of the team went in two Land Rovers to recover two motorists stuck in snow on the road by Tailbridge. They were taken to Nateby Inn.

(19) 23rd October, 3.5 hours
4 team members responded to a request for assistance by Penrith MRT in extracting a woman with an ankle injury near Alston.

(18) 12th October, 3.5 hours
A male in his thirties was reported with breathing difficulties and palpitations above Cautley Spout. After assessment by the team doctory his condition improved and he was able to be be walked out by team members with the other three members of the party.

(17) 21st September, 6 hours
Members of the team responded to support Penrith Mountain Rescue Team in the overnight search for a couple lost near Haweswater. They were found cold but uninjured by a search dog.

(16) 13th September, 3.5 hours
At 3am a wild camper was reported ill near Tebay Gill. 15 team members responded and evacuated her by stretcher to a road ambulance at Tebay.

(15) 10th September, 4 hours
Five team members responded to a request by Kendal MRT to assist in the search for two missing female walkers at Easedale Tarn.

31st August, 8 hours
The team provided 1st Aid cover at Dufton Show.

24th August, 8 hours
The team provided 1st Aid cover and dealt with a dog trapped in a car at Ravenstonedale Show.

(14) 15th August, 3.5 hours
The team assisted Penrith MRT at Heltondale with a female with a leg injury. 5 members attended the incident.

15th August, 8 hours
Team members provided 1st Aid cover and dealt with two minor injuries at Brough Show.

(13) 7th August, 4 hours
Six members of the team recovered a sheep from a pothole.

(12) 27th July, 3.5 hours
The team was asked to assist Penrith MRT at Burnbanks, Haweswater, with the evacutation of a runner with a suspected broken leg. 11 team members responded.

(11) 15th July, 3.5 hours
The team assisted Penrith MRT at Haweswater with the evacuation of a man with an ankle injury. 11 team members responded.

30th June, 6 hours
The team provided 1st Aid cover at the Appleby Fun Run.

26th June, 4 hours
The team provided cover at the Tebay Fell Race.

(10) 20th May, 1 hour
The team responded to a request to help Penrith MRT with an injured walker. The team was stood down after an hour as Penrith MRT were able to extract the casualty on their own.

(9) 28th April, 5 hours
The team was called to the assistance of an off-road motorcyclist who had fallen off on the Breasthigh track between Borrowdale and Tebay. Kendal MRT assisted team members treating a crushed foot and brought the casualty down in their Land Rover to an ambulance at Tebay South M6 services.

(8) 21st April, 1 hour
Team members treated a male member of the public attending the Classic Vehicle Rally in Kirkby Stephen who had collapsed. The patient recovered on scene and did not need an ambulance.

(7) 20th April, 5 hours
A 30 year old fell off her mountain bike by the viaduct at Smardale Gill. She was treated for wrist and face injuries and taken to Cumberland Infirmary. 13 team members attended.

(6) 28th March, 2 hours
A member of the public reported sighting of ‘flares’ on the fells to the north of Brough. After investigating, it was determined that these were most likely from army activity on Warcop Range and the Team stood down. False alarm with good intent. 1 team member involved.

(5) 23rd February, 1 hour
While supporting the High Cup Nick Fell Race the team recovered a female runner who had fallen and injured her face and knee. She was handed over to an ambulance in Dufton. 6 team members were involved.

(4) 19th February, 4 hours
The team responded to a woman with an injured ankle near Fell End. She was treated and taken in a team Land Rover to Lancaster Royal Infirmary.

(3) 9th February, 1 hour
The team was requested by the fire service to attend a horse stuck in mud near Fell End. 8 members responded but the horse had been freed by the time they arrived on scene.

(2) 2nd February, 2 hrs
The team was asked to recover 6 adults, a child and 2 dogs stuck on the Tommy Road in icy conditions. The vehicle was secured off the road and the occupants taken to their destination hotel in Ravenstonedale. 12 members responded.

(1) 3rd January
Over a period of 24 hours four members of the team supported Cockermouth and Penrith teams in the search for a missing person in the Glasson area, west of Carlisle.

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